Programs and Degrees

Academic programs offered at Duy Tan University

Cá độ 888 The DTU system of degrees and diplomas is diversified, providing students with many study options.


Cá độ 888 The following degrees are offered:


Cá độ 888 - Ph.D.: three programs

- Master’s degrees: six programs

- Bachelor’s degrees: 49 programs

- Associate Bachelor’s degrees: 16 programs

- Vocational Associate degrees: three programs


Transferable programs between different academic levels include:


- From Professional High School diploma level to Bachelor’s degree level: 7 programs

- From Associate’s degree level to Bachelor’s degree level: 8 programs

- From Vocational Associate’s degree level to Bachelor’s degree levels: 3 majors


Cá độ 888 DTU offers a wide range of academic programs, including Information Technology, Electronics and Telecommunications, Business Management, Construction, Architecture, Medicine, Pharmacology, Literature and Journalism, International Relations, Cultural Tourism and Economic Law.


Schools & Faculties


Cá độ 888 - DTU International School

- DTU Graduate School

- Faculty of Information Technology

- Faculty of Accountancy

- Faculty of Electrical Engineering  

- Faculty of Civil Engineering

Cá độ 888 - Faculty of Architecture

Cá độ 888 - Faculty of Hospitality & Tourism

- Faculty of Foreign Languages

Cá độ 888 - Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities

- Faculty of Business Administration

Cá độ 888 - Faculty of Environmental & Chemical Engineering

- Faculty of Pharmacology

Cá độ 888 - Faculty of Nursing

Cá độ 888 - Faculty of Medicine

- Faculty of Natural Sciences

Cá độ 888 - Faculty of Law

Cá độ 888 - DTU Polytechnic

Cá độ 888 - Faculty of Political Science

- eUniversity


Cá độ 888 Over the last 24 years of development, DTU has enrolled 1,200 Ph.D and Master’s candidates through its 17 post-graduate courses, 70,000 in 22 undergraduate and Associate Bachelor’s Degree programs and more than 1,400 in vocational programs. The University has educated many highly qualified members for the labor force which actively contributed to the industrialization and modernization of the area.


Year of Founding: 1994
  • Enrolled 70,000 research, postgraduate, pre-graduate, and high-school level students.
  • 58,000 students graduated.
  • Current number of students: 20,000
  • 5,300 students enrolled in advanced, international, overseas, and on-site study-abroad programs, including 1,800 research and postgraduate students.
Education Quality
  • The first private university in Vietnam to meet National Educational Quality Standards.
  • Cá độ 888 90% of DTU students are employed within six months of graduation.

  • Cá độ 888 Almost 100% of all IT and Hospitality graduates are employed.

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Cá độ 888Duy Tan University’s mission is to focus on the education and research of various sciences and technologies in order to produce dynamic, creative, healthy graduates, who love their country, possess humanitarian Vietnamese values, a sense of community, self-confidence and a broad range of capabilities and skills, to become Citizens of the World.

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