The International School

Opportunities for Students of the Advanced DTU International Program

Opportunities for Students of the Advanced DTU...

DTU has enhanced the quality of education and offered more majors in response to local demand. The university has expanded partnerships with well-known universities around the world to...

The DTU International School

The DTU International School

In recent years, Duy Tan University has always paid much attention to international partnerships and establishing links with prestigious universities worldwide, in order to create...

Academic Programs


  • Year of founding: 2009

    Address: Room 601, DTU International School, 254 Nguyen Van Linh, Danang  

    Tel:  0236.3650.403 (ext 601)

    Fax: Cá độ 888 0236.3650.443




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Duy Tan University’s mission is to focus on the education and research of various sciences and technologies in order to produce dynamic, creative, healthy graduates, who love their country, possess humanitarian Vietnamese values, a sense of community, self-confidence and a broad range of capabilities and skills, to become Citizens of the World.

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